We offer high-quality equipment from various manufacturers such as Advanced Electronics, Inim, Global Fire, Notifier, Esser and others.

To our clients, we suggest equipment suitable for their needs and requirements. The selection of the equipment depends on whether it is a new building, a renewal of existing systems and similar issues.

More about fire alarm systems:

Fire alarm systems are prescribed by the law. If your facility needs a fire alarm system and to what extent, is defined for new buildings with a fire safety project/study of a fire safety.

In the following phases of the project design (e.g. implementation project), designers of various disciplines (electrical, mechanical installations, etc.) design the implementation plan, while our experts execute it and technical examiners inspect it issuing an appropriate certificate of impeccability. In the end, designers design an executed implementation project. Thus, in the case of fire alarm systems, everything is ready for a technical inspection of the building and obtainment of appropriate usage permit.

In the case of only specific phases needed in the project design, we can recommend our business partners/designers with rich experiences and numerous references. Together with the client, we find suitable and rational solutions (selection of technology is based on the prism requirements of a fire safety project/study of a fire safety, selection of equipment is based on the assessment of installation costs and maintenance costs through the lifecycle of a system).

Fire alarm systems roughly consist of the fire control station and the elements, it controls. The elements are connected to the fire loop via fire alarm cables (they are usually named, which means each element has its own address and name, e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc.).

Fire control station/elements can:

  • Detect various physical phenomena (smoke, heat, IR/UV light, etc.)
  • Detect changes in conditions (pressure on manual alarm switch, a signal of a subsystem, etc.)
  • Control various signals (e.g. triggering sirens, deactivating air conditioners and fire hatches, closing fire doors, opening evacuation routes, sending notices to selected addresses, etc.)

Fire alarm equipment must comply with the relevant standards, most often these are EN54 series of standards.



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