We offer analogue, digital HD CCTV systems and IP video surveillance systems from various manufacturers.

Choosing a certain kind of system depends on the technical requirements in relation to the expected costs. With our knowledge and experiences, we assist the client in choosing the right system. For larger projects, we can also establish a test system at the site.

For the preparation of the offer, the following basic data is needed:

  • The desired number of cameras, a photo of the building or address for obtaining images from geo/street snapshots is also helpful,
  • The desired cameras’ design (bullet, dome, hidden),
  • The purpose of cameras and micro-location (internal, external),
  • The possible technical requirements (own lighting in the night time, distance from the outermost facility and required resolution, etc.).

More about video surveillance systems:

Video surveillance systems are technologically rapidly evolving. There are numerous different types of equipment available. In the case of new buildings, IP technology is most often used. Through a local/dedicated computer network and computer cables (UTP/FTP/STP etc.), data flow from the IP camera to the recording device is transmitted, and sometimes even directly to the Internet.

Existing systems can be mostly upgraded with HD CCTV cameras, which greatly improve the quality and resolutions of the snapshots. In those cases, only the recording device and cameras are replaced as desired. The recorders supported by several technologies at the same time (hybrid, pentabrid) are available. These allow coexisting of different camera technologies on one video surveillance system simultaneously.

The user can monitor, review and manage the video surveillance system directly on the recording device or through computers and mobile devices using applications.


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