We offer products of various quality manufacturers such as Paradox, DSC, Ajax, Eldes, etc. to provide our clients with best solutions.

We would like to suggest to the client to answer a few basic questions below so that we can prepare the offer from the information.


More about alarm systems:

Alarm systems are designed to actively protect your property. They consist of an alarm switch and a variety of sensors, detectors, keypads, sirens and communicators. Depending on your requirements, we select the appropriate products and assemble them into functioning as a whole.

It is technically possible to establish wired systems (suitable for new buildings), which are characterized by the lower purchase price, lower maintenance costs, long durability and highly reliable.

For retrofitting, we suggest hybrid solutions (part of the system is wired, while part, where aesthetics is needed, is wireless) or complete wireless solutions, where the wired system is not an option.

Questions to help us to provide our clients with the best offer:


  • Do you want to cover the interior of the building or the exterior/surroundings?
  • Create a sketch of the layout of the premises that you want to secure with an alarm system.
  • Is the building fenced (what kind of fence is used, the height of the fence, etc.?
  • Do you have freely moving animals, e.g. cats, dogs? Are they located inside or outside of the alarm secured area?
  • How many entries/potential intrusion places are there in the house or on the property (e.g. balcony door, low windows on the backside of the house, etc.)?
  • Do you want to alert the surroundings with the siren and fleshlights on facade/projecting roof, when the alarm goes off?
  • Do you know your neighbours or do you maintain minimal contact with them (This answer is crucial since the neighbours can help in taking care for your home and no bad mood will be there in case of an alarm)?
  • Do you want to monitor the building/system on your own by mobile phone/Internet or will you let the surveillance to the security service?
  • Do you have a broadband Internet connection? Who is your provider? (e.g. Telekom, T2, Telemach, etc.)
  • Which mobile phone provider do you use? Do you use mobile data (select from the above)?
  • In relation to the previous question, what kind of signal do you receive in the facility from your mobile phone, e.g. 3G, LTE, H?
  • Which Smartphone do you use, what type, operating system, e.g. Android, iPhone, etc.?


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